Colour Control 99 for Pirch




Whats new in v1.2 ?

-Press Enter to send commands to Pirch.

-1K smaller (were slowing down now :).


Whats new in v1.1 ?

-Shaved off another 4k :)

-Pressing enter when a colour button has focus no longer resets the font colour.


Whats new in v1.0 ?

- Completely Re-written (again): cc99 is 50% smaller than cc98 !

-No longer requires the VB runtimes.

-Cleaner interface (Ha......).



cc99 v1.2

cc98 v1.0

cc v1.5b3

cc v1.5b3 is still here in case anyone uses an older version of Pirch that doesnt support DDE.

msvbvm50.dll(needed for pre-99 versions).



Colour Control is a Freeware program: You may distribute it however you like as long as none of the files are altered and no money is charged for it.

It all appears to work, but I'm not responsible for any damage it causes, blah blah blah.

Pages/Files Copyright (c) 2001 Richard Webb