Pirch Script Control v1.2




User Guide:

PSC is an addon for the Pirch IRC client that enables the easy management of multiple Scripts.

The program maintaines a list of all installed scripts, along with details of multiple IRC profiles. Scripts can either be launched by loading the program and selecting the appropriate settings, or a quik launch shortcut can be created on the windows start menu.

It should be noted that some of the features of PSC are less usefull than they used to be due to enhancements to the way that Pirch stores it's own settings in the latest versions.

Using PSC:

1)Run 'killit.exe' to remove settings left from v1.1-

2) The first time you run the program you will be asked for your personal preferences, just enter the info as you would in Pirch. *NEW* Enter a profile name in the drop down box, it shouldnt contain spaces or '!' .

3)To add a script, click the ADD button and a file dialog will appear. Select the directory holding the script and type in a name for it, then press save. The new script will be added to the menu on the main form.

4)To run a script, select it from the menu and press 'Load' to load now or 'quik load' to put a shortcut on the start menu. *NEW* You must also select a profile.

5)You can remove a script by Selecting it from the list and pressing REMOVE.

6)You can add new profiles by selecting 'profiler'.


PSC is hopefully quite easy to use, but if you have any problems please feel free to mail me on webby@beardmouse.co.uk


Known Problems:

-None in this version as of yet.


PSC v1.2 (full version)




PSC is Freeware: you may distribute it however you like as long as none of the files are altered and no money is charged for it.

It all seems work, but I'm not responsible for any dammage that it causes, blah blah blah.

Pages/Files copyright (c) 2001 Richard Webb